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Driving impactful research & sustainability solutions across Indonesia



Sangga Bumi Lestari is an Indonesian non-profit sustainability research, strategy, and implementation organisation that protects and restores ecosystems, improves livelihoods, and strengthens governance.

We implement projects to increase community and civil society involvement in the management of forest areas, encourage corporate companies to operate forestry and agricultural concessions according to key sustainability criteria, and facilitate government support for sustainable development goals. We have enhanced protection of some of Kalimantan’s key wildlife habitats through facilitating multi-stakeholder collaborations and demonstrating that well-managed forest areas can enhance community livelihoods and contribute to district-level development goals.

Sangga Bumi Lestari was established in November 2021, but the team has operated in Indonesia since 2009, previously under the name AidEnvironment Asia. Sangga Bumi Lestari is the Indonesian partner of the Dutch not-for-profit AidEnvironment.

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What We Do

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Monitor land-use change

Monitoring key land-use actors, ensuring compliance and sustainable development.

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Mitigate environmental impacts

We address Indonesia's environmental challenges—fires, floods, forest fragmentation—through the development of mitigation strategies.

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Support scientific research

Through collaborative partnerships with universities we support students conducting research for their bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

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We work in some of the most biodiverse and ecologically sensitive areas of Kalimantan and Java.

More information about our projects can be found by clicking through to our project sites below.

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