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The Welang River Basin is a critical water resource in East Java, providing water for millions of people for agriculture, industry, and domestic use. The basin has been threatened by pollution from industrial and domestic waste, land-use change, and uncontrolled land-use changes.


These issues have led to environmental degradation, increased flood risks, and loss of ecosystem services, which in turn affect the livelihoods and well-being of the communities living in the basin.

Sangga Bumi Lestari is collaborating with AidEnvironment, Nuffic Neso, & Witteveen & Bos, with the support of the Indonesian and Dutch governments, on a multi-stakeholder approach to tackle the water challenges in the Welang watershed. The project, which began in 2023 and will be implemented over 15 months, will identify sustainable solutions and make a significant impact to water safety and water security in the region.

Rapid urban and economic developments in the Welang watershed create a wide range of water challenges: erosion on slopes, sedimentation in rivers, urban flooding and water distribution issues are just a few of the challenges in this watershed. During the first project phase (Nov 2020 – March 2022) a Dutch-Indonesian consortium analysed the key challenges in the watershed and formulated the Welang River Basin Management and Master Plan.

As many stakeholders are involved in both the problems and the solutions, the second project phase will take a multi-stakeholder approach by following three guiding principles:

  • Achieving practical co-creation results that fit in the Indonesian water framework.

  • Creating replicable solutions without substantial external support.

  • Fostering an environment with mobilised local resources for joint solutions.

By engaging stakeholders, communities, and trusted advisors, Sangga Bumi Lestari will work with its partners to develop tailored solutions validated by local communities and other key stakeholders. This partnership signifies a concerted effort to address water challenges in Indonesia through collaborative and sustainable approaches.

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